Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear George RR Martin

*warning: to those who are easily offended over someone being critical of Martin, you might not wanna read this post.

I happened to be looking for new books to read, so I was browsing articles of authors and book series on Wikipedia, and on a whim, I decided to look to see if there was anything new regarding the newest Song of Ice and Fire series, A Dance with Dragons. As I read the stuff on the page, I happened upon this link that was sourced:

And I Martin has obtained an ego about himself, along with his other posts I've read on his website about not being 'bullied' and such, I couldn't believe how insane he was acting about this.

When A Feast for Crows came out, five years ago, it was to be part ONE of a two parter, due to the fact Martin said that the book was too large as a single volume. When part one was released, he spoke as if he had just some simple stuff to finish to send it to be published....and that was five years ago. Missed publication date after another passed and now there isn't a date at all. Blaming rewrites, other projects, and other such things....I might accept for a year's delay from the first date....but five? No.

Martin talked about lunatics who have stated they don't want Martin to 'pull a Jordan'. While this remark was ill constructed, the basis of it I understand and can agree with. Martin might be the picture of perfect help, but tomorrow a healthy man could die without warning, and to leave his work unfinished is an insult in itself. Jordan, who had health issues, knew there was a strong chance he could pass before his work was finished (which he did) and so, he worked to the very end to get pages written, outlines made and notes to line out scenes, everything he could do in case of the worst, and while the Wheel of Time series has moments that irk me, the fact he worked so hard for his fans, I have great respect for him, and I do love the books so much too.

Martin on the other hand works on everything but the new I&F book, which is a major insult to his fans. He does have an obligation to finish his work to present to his fans, for without them, he would be no one. He is famous and has made his money from his writings due to his fans. Psychos and lunatics who write death threats aside, he does owe it to his fans to finish his books, not write on his blog about his other projects, political views (no one cares what you think about which party is better), or his sports picks (which are as pointless as the president's picks). We want you to do the job you're paid to do, write the books!

They seem to be working on a TV series based on the first book, it might be cool,  but I don't care, visual formats rarely ever measure up to the written word in the books. I would be happy to watch the show if it was made AFTER the series was done, but I think Martin has taken up so much to work on things besides the book series people want him to write, and it's horrible. He goes on vacation all over the place to boot.

I love the series Martin has written for us, but this waiting, it irks me to no end, and his constant excuses and almost venomous replies to not wanting to be 'bullied' because people want him to finish the's almost pathetic. Will I read the book when(if) it is released? Yes. Will it be the day it comes out....I dunno...probably not now. There are so many other books and authors who write and get the books out and have a much more pleasant attitude to the fans, as such, they are more deserving of my more immediate attentions and support to ensure they continue to craft  of wonder and give us worlds to explore and characters to love and hate. When Martin gets off his high horse and gets the book out and starts to work like one who wishes to give us his story to read like authors often wish to, I will be more supportive.

The thing I find most funny, Robert Jordan, though he passed away a couple of years now, is still getting his final books out in a proper time and fashion before Martin can. Jordan not getting his book out I can understand due to the fact he passed away, Martin has no such excuse, yet the dead man has a better work ethic. Is it a bad remark I made? Maybe, but it's true.

Stop making excuses Martin, write the book, and get it out.


  1. I disagree with you totally that he "owes" anything to his fans. Do I think five years is a bit ridiculous when he suggested in his own book that he was practically finished? Yeah. But he doesn't owe anyone anything, except for the publishers who hold the contract. Do I think the stand up thing of him to do is finish the series? Sure. Do I think fans spewing vitriol at him is going to help him accomplish that? Absolutely not. Was the whole situation bungled by his publicist, his publisher, and him? Yeah, it really was. If he hadn't made any promises, there would be a lot less anger from the fans now. But I don't blame him for getting ticked off at people who are sending him their crazy.

  2. If there was venom aimed at him after one year, yeah, you're right, but five? That's kinda a given since he's been rather snappish as a result of people wanting him to write the book he said was pretty much done. Again, I point to Jordan, the man wrote and worked pretty much until the end to ensure he would get his books finished even if he couldn't do it himself. Martin is too busy doing other projects, or going on several trips, as I remember his blog, saying he hoped to be done before he went on such and such vacation....he did that many times. If he'd stop going on vacations and work, he might finish his book. XD

  3. I think it's a lot to expect any author to lock themselves up in a closet and pound out words until their fingers start bleeding. He has other commitments, some of them probably contractual--and everyone needs a vacation every now and then to get things back on track in their heads. This is just as important for writers, if not more so, as everyone else. I think it was foolish of him to make any promises at all--and to continue to say "oh, I hope to be done before such and such" isn't helping the issue with his fans. Like I said, I think it was handled poorly by everyone involved. If he had not suggested the book would be out in ONE year, people wouldn't really be all that worked up about it now. They would have no reason to expect anything--and there are PLENTY of writers out there who take 3-5 years to put out next books. The difference being, they don't make any pretense to anything other than an extended wait between installments.